Pablo Larraín
Chile, Brasilien 2008
98 min

Santiago de Chile, 1978. Raúl Peralta is a fiftysomething loser and petty criminal who is obsessed with John Travolta and his performance as Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever. Raúl regularly attends screenings whenever possible, and has memorized all the dialogue. He even bests all rivals in his knowledge of the minutiae of the film's costuming. The problem is that he becomes so intent on winning a John Travolta look-alike contest on television, that he starts killing people who get in his way. And not very prettily either. The camera work is all hand-held and seemingly full of the greatest possible number of jump cuts, and several scenes are, perhaps purposely, completely out of focus. The political critique is nowhere and everywhere. Pinochet's secret police regularly pop up to harass dissenters, and we occasionally see the esteemed dictator on television. Pablo Larraín doesn't seem to be implying any cause-and-effect relationship between the dictatorship and a unique phenomenon like Raúl, but the mere juxtaposition of the two speaks volumes. (Peter Brunette)

  • Alfredo Castro - Raúl
  • Amparo Noguera - Cony
  • Paola Lattus - Pauli
  • Héctor Morales - Goyo
  • Elsa Poblete - Wilma
  • Pablo Larraín
  • Alfredo Castro
  • Mateo Iribarren
  • Pablo Larraín
  • Sergio Armstrong
  • Miguel Hormazábal
  • Andrea Chignoli
  • Frecuencia Mod
  • Bee Gees
  • José Alfredo Fuentes
  • Juan Cristóbal Meza
  • Polin Garbisú
  • Polin Garbisú
Fabula Holanda 3017, Ñuñoa Santiago, Chile T 2 344 0908

Funny Balloons 4 bis rue Saint Sauveur 75002 Paris, Frankreich T 1 40 13 05 84 m

35 mm
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