Terrenal (En oposición al cielo)

Earthly (Opposite to Heaven)
Ivan Murgic Capriotti, Sofia Lena Monardo
Argentinien 2016
19 min

A documentary portrait of two different realities of life found in the same place. The jury at the Oberhausen Short Film Festival wrote in their statement: “A village awakens, people chop wood, a rickety car stops to pick up a dog, bicycles driving through puddles, children playing football. Suddenly: a mural that reads ‘Tierra para todos’, soldiers carrying guns… a poetic film that relies on the power of its imagery.”

  • Paz Elduayen
  • Ernesto Garcia Perez
  • Ivan Murgic
  • Sofia Lena Monardo
  • Tomas Fernandez Bonilla
  • Maria Rosa Borean Seyhueque
  • Hector Garcia Perez
Ivan Murgic

Ivan Murgic

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