Ma ma de kou gong

I Have Nothing to Say
Ying Liang
Taiwan, Hongkong 2017
25 min

The Chinese police visits head-teacher Chen at home. Her daughter, a dissident filmmaker, living in Hong Kong, plans yet another critical film about China, colonizing the small autonomous territory. The state authority demand, that she travels to her daughter to stop the film project. What they do not take into account is that Chen and her daughter have lost contact long time ago due to a feeling of alienation.

  • Gong Zhe - Yang Shu
  • Nai An - Chen Xiaolin
  • Pete Teo - Ka-ming
  • Tham Xin Yue - Yuet Yuet
  • Ying Liang
  • Ryuji Otsuka
  • Liu Yue Xing
Shine Pictures, TOGO Film LTD, 90 Minutes Film Studio, The Old Avant Garde, Potocol

Ying Liang

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