Bojo Beach

Elke Groen
AUT 2017
25 min

Bojo Beach is a picturesque lagoon at the seaside of Ghana. Between parasols and a few lingering tourists, twenty Ghanaian men are pulling at a rope that leads out of the water. They are fishermen and they come here every day of the week but on Tuesdays, which is the day off for the fish. It takes some hours until the dragnet is out of the water and then the tension mounts: Has it been a good catch, and will it be enough?

In the presence of Elke Groen.

  • Elke Groen
  • Ina Ivanceanu
  • Elke Groen
  • Ina Ivanceanu
  • Emily Artmann
  • Fischergruppe «Alaska» KG, Amour Fou Vienna KG

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