Der Einzelkämpfer

The Lone Fighter
Arne Körner
DEU 2017
11 min

“As a child I hid in the forest and cried, because I was so poor, really true.” At 15, Jürgen Blin ran away from home and signed on with a freighter. This was followed by an apprenticeship as a butcher and the discovery of boxing. In 1971, he fought against Muhammad Ali. Blin is a struggler, someone who makes his own way. Especially because of strong setbacks, he fought himself through life. A man who can’t do without doing.

In the presence of Arne Körner.

  • Arne Körner
  • Georg Kußmann
  • Julia Küllmer
  • Roland Musolff
  • Arne Körner
  • Jürgen Blin
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