Benedek Fliegauf
H 2007
82 min

A dozen sequences set in different places, a meadow at night, a roadside, a courtyard in a building or a public bath, are inhabited by humans who Benedek Fliegauf treats as strange creatures. The latter do not talk, but seem nonetheless able to communicate and interact. Each filmed in a single shot, these living tableaux feature beings whose behaviour is sometimes illogical, amusing or absurd. Their ethnic origins are unimportant, the spaces they inhabit are universal, the film insists on individual perception of the images. The highly crafted cinematography, composed of lines that are sometimes straight, sometimes curved, offers a sublime natural and urban architecture. Every visual and sound element is meticulously selected by the Hungarian filmmaker himself to create the varied ambiances and to immerse the viewer in an intimate sensory experience. The mysterious music, combined with diegetic sounds of breathing, more or less rapid, more or less loud, of water, cars or bird cry, adds a strange dimension to these diverse atmospheres. An interior journey through our perceptions of the world, a waking dream that insists on the importance of sounds and images that have their own language.

  • Benedek Fliegauf
  • Gergely Pohárnok
  • Ádám Fillenz
  • Tamás Beke
  • Gábor Komlódi
  • Sára Czira
  • Katalin Mészáros
  • Benedek Fliegauf
  • Raptors' Kolletíva
  • Benedek Fliegauf
  • Benedek Fliegauf
Inforg Studio c/o Magyar Filmunió Városligeti fasor 38 1068 Budapest, Ungarn T 1 351 77 60

Inforg Studio Kinizsi utca 11 1092 Budapest, Ungarn T 1 306 39 33 83

35 mm
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