Alan J. Pakula
USA 1971
114 min

VIENNALE opening gala in the presence of Jane Fonda

What is it about Jane Fonda that makes her such a fascinating actress to watch? She has a sort of nervous intensity that keeps her so firmly locked into a film character that the character actually seems distracted by things that come up in the movie. Klute is about a skilled, intelligent, cynical, and personally troubled New York call girl who does not have a heart of gold. She never feels anything when she's with a man, she tells her shrink, but she does experience a sense of professional pride when she is able to satisfy a client. The girl's name is Bree, and the movie should probably be titled Bree instead of Klute, because the Fonda character is at the center. John Klute (Donald Sutherland) is a policeman who has come to New York to try to settle a missing person's case. It appears that the missing man may still be alive, and may be the source of obscene letters and telephone calls Bree has been receiving. The scenes between Fonda and Sutherland are very good, and Bree is further developed in scenes showing her trying to get out of the trade and into something straight. With Fonda and Sutherland, you have actors who understand and sympathize with their characters. (Roger Ebert)

New copy of the Academy Film Archive. Produced on the occasion of the Tribute to Jane Fonda within the VIENNALE.

  • Jane Fonda - Bree Daniels
  • Donald Sutherland - John Klute
  • Charles Cioffi - Peter Cable
  • Roy Scheider - Frank Ligourin
  • Dorothy Tristan - Arlyn Page
  • Rita Gam - Trina
  • Nathan George - Trask
  • Andy Lewis
  • Dave Lewis
  • Gordon Willis
  • Christopher Newman
  • Carl Lerner
  • Michael Small
  • George Jenkins
  • Ann Roth
Gus Productions / Warner Bros

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35 mm
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