Hartmut Bitomsky
DEU, CH 2007
90 min

Selected examples of a New Cinema

Dust. It is everywhere and ever present. A conglomeration of the finest particles set in motion as soon as things are starting to settle. It is fought and cleared away and yet returns again even as it is being removed. A Sisyphus whoever tries to defeat it. Dust nestles in carpets and in attics. It is blown into the air by factories and resides in every raindrop. Dust causes illness, dust makes up the cosmos. It is the smallest, discernable subject about which to make a film.

  • Hartmut Bitomsky
  • Kolja Raschke
  • Gerd Metz
  • Hartmut Bitomsky Filmproduktion Marienplatz 1 04103 Leipzig, Deutschland T 341 983 96 96

Deckert Distribution Marienplatz 1 04103 Leipzig, Deutschland T 341 215 66 38

35 mm
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