Julian Schnabel
USA, GBR 2006
85 min

Lou Reed and his fans waited thirty-three years for the concert presented in this film. Following his glam hit «Walk on the Wild Side», in 1973 Reed recorded «Berlin», an ambitious concept album that came as a sharp and unexpected contrast. Scored with orchestral arrangements, it traced the same characters through several songs, exploring themes of jealousy, rage and loss. Harsh initial reviews dashed the hopes Reed and his producer Bob Ezrin had of performing the album live. But critical assessment went through a dramatic turnabout: Tracks like «How Do You Think it Feels?» and «Sad Song» became classics; the «Rolling Stone» magazine, which once excoriated «Berlin», now ranks it among their top five hundred albums.
So thirty-three years later, Reed and Ezrin finally got their wish: They teamed up with music producer Hal Willner to stage «Berlin» in venues around the world. Julian Schnabel art-directed the staging and filmed the production over five nights at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn, New York. Schnabel's daughter Lola shot impressionistic films for the performance that are projected on stage and enhance the music's narrative elements. (Thom Powers)

  • Lou Reed
  • Emmanuelle Seigner
  • Ellen Kuras
  • John Harris
  • Benjamin Flaherty
  • Lou Reed
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