Stefan Krohmer
DEU 2006

At 40, Miriam's life seems ideal. Beautiful and assured, her happy relationship with her partner André, and their 15-year-old son Niels, is symbolised by their idyllic summer house by the sea. But then Nils invites his 12-year-old girlfriend Livia to spend the holidays with them, and Miriam finds herself drawn against her will into a sexual tug-of-war with the precociously carnal young girl - a contest which unlocks previously unsuspected reserves of jealousy, bitterness and self-doubt. Krohmer's second feature will undoubtedly touch a chord in many female viewers, commenting as it does on a society - and, for that matter, a film culture - where adolescents are discovering (and flaunting) their sexual identities at ever earlier ages, yet where representations of mature women's sexuality remain strangely circumspect. (Edinburg International Film Festival)

  • Nicole Marischka - Antonia
  • Martina Gedeck
  • Peter Davor
  • Lucas Kotaranin
  • Svea Lohde
  • Robert Seeliger
  • Gabor Altorgay
  • Daniel Nocke
  • Steffen Graubaum
  • Patrick Orth
  • Gisela Zick
  • Ellen McIllwain
  • Silke Fischer
  • Silke Sommer
Ö Filmproduktion Langhansstraße 86 13086 Berlin, Deutschland T 30 446 726 0

Bavaria Film international Bavariafilmplatz 7 82031 Geiselgasteig, Deutschland T 89 6499 3506

Filmladen Mariahilferstraße 58/7 1070 Wien T 523 43 62 0
35 mm
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