Sie ist der andere Blick

She Is the Other Gaze
Christiana Perschon
AUT 2018
88 min

Christiana Perschon’s documentary SHE IS THE OTHER GAZE presents a series of interviews with five female visual artists: Renate Bertlmann, Linda Christanell, Lore Heuermann, Karin Mack, Margot Pilz. Most of these artists started their careers in the 1970s, in Vienna, and the film explores the relation between their practice and feminism. As we see them working and performing in front of the camera or commenting on some of their pieces, they recall the difficulties, constraints and resistances encountered at the beginning of their paths. SHE IS THE OTHER GAZE has a unified tone (minimalist, drenched in white, without music), while building each segment as a particular collaboration between the artist and the filmmaker, in an intergenerational dialogue whose traces are visible on screen. Equally, each one of the artists featured has a unique approach, a specific artistic vision, but their trajectories have all been informed, in one way or another, by women’s issues: the fight against patriarchal structures, the lack of visibility, an intimate relation to the objects of everyday domesticity, the difficulties in negotiating family life and artistic ambitions. (Cristina Álvarez López)

In the presence of Christiana Perschon and protagonists.

  • Renate Bertlmann
  • Linda Christanell
  • Iris Dostal
  • Lore Heuermann
  • Karin Mack
  • Margot Pilz
  • Christiana Perschon
  • Christiana Perschon
  • Christiana Perschon
  • Christiana Perschon
  • Christiana Perschon
Christiana Perschon


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