Idrissou Mora-Kpai
FRA, Benin, DEU 2002

The director, Idrissou Mora-Kpai, is a member of the Wassangari tribe of northern Benin. Once a tribe of fierce warriors ruled by rigid traditions, the Wassangari people have maintained their strict patriarchy to this day. Following the death of his father, the director returns to his village after ten-years of absence. He is disheartened to see his sisters and nieces suffering from continuing female oppression. But he is surprised to find his mother liberated and the people call her Si-Gueriki, «the queen mother», the female equivalent of a king. Si-Gueriki, La Reine-mère Mother is the story of a young mans confrontation with his culture and traditions.
Si-Gueriki, La Reine-mère is an intimate and personal film. Idrissou Mora-Kpai: «With the death of my father, part of my childhood, my security, my faith and dreams died too.» Mora-Kpai was confronted by an age-old culture while he also had a really new encounter with his mother. The conversations with all the women are lively, humorous and very elucidating. Despite their difficult position, the ladies are very well aware of what there is to be bought in the world. Mora-Kpai filmed their world with respect and love, without too much attractive folklore.

  • Idrissou Mora-Kpai
  • Victor Honedanou
  • Alexandra Kordes
  • Christiane Badgley
  • Catherine Bonetat
  • Marianne Entat
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