Martin Bruch
AUT 2003
99 min

handbikemovie is a very personal autobiographical chapter out of my life. For five years now I have ridden my handcycle every day and under any weather conditions. So far, I have already «traveled and experienced» 16.000 km among vehicles that are generally rather closed, where passengers can hardly be seen behind the reflective windows. As a slower traveler, especially on the steep uphill, but almost as fast as the cars when the road goes steeply downhill, I have experienced riding down roads uphill and downhill: quiet, alone, isolated but enjoying the experience. Enjoying my freedom (despite considerable dependence on the people that surround me, just to even get onto the street!) to ride anywhere «independently of course!». Looking around-travelling, off on an adventure, not just on a wheelchair (Martin Bruch)

  • Martin Bruch
  • Reinhilde Condin
  • Martin Bruch
  • Martin Bruch (Originalon)
  • Torsten Heinemann (Sound Design)
  • Mona Willi
  • Wolfgang Mitterer
  • Karl Ritter
  • Werner Puntigam
  • Peter Kaizar
  • Andy Leikauf
  • Ronald Kodritsch
  • Vincenz Witzelsberger. u. a.
  • Otto Lechner
Satel Film Wiedner Hauptstraße 68 1040 Wien, T 1 588 72 20 105

Martin Bruch Margaretenstraße 108/1/15 1050 Wien T 1 813 08 48 23

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