Retrospective 2014

The Shamrock Handicap

John Ford
USA 1926
70 min

THE SHAMROCK HANDICAP is a horse racing film, set in Ireland and the United States. Even at this early date, Ford is oriented to an ethnographic reconstruction of folk life styles and customs. He is recreating Ireland. Two years later, in FOUR SONS, Ford is showing us Bavaria. Ford will follow this throughout his entire career. There is a similar approach in such later works as HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY - a romantic-nostalgic dedication to his parent’s homeland.


  • Janet Gaynor
  • Leslie Fenton
  • Willard Louis
  • Claire McDowell
  • Louis Payne
  • George Harris
  • Andy Clark
  • Ely Reynolds
  • Gordon Elliott
  • J. Farrell MacDonald - Mike Donovan
  • Brandon Hurst
  • John Stone
  • Peter B. Kyne
  • George Schneiderman
  • Elizabeth Pickett
  • «The Shamrock Handicap» von Peter B. Kyne
Fox Film Corporation, John Ford Production
35 mm
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