Sein Lebenslicht

Max Neufeld
AUT 1921
45 min

An ailing nobleman woos his gardener’s daughter, but she secretly loves his younger brother. ]]>Sein Lebenslicht]]> by Max Neufeld is a melodrama with beautiful cyan to crimson toned images. Ladislaus Tuszinsky (1876–1943) was Austria's first animator to continuously produce films. ]]>Amaranta]]> tells in rhymes the bizarre love-story of a beautiful woman without a lower torso and Gimbo a black banjo player.

Music: Werner Dafeldecker, contrabass.

  • Eugen Neufeld
  • Karl Ehmann
  • Eduard Sekler
  • Josef Recht
  • Liane Haid
  • Fritz Löhner-Beda
Vita Filmindustrie, Wien
35 mm
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