Tim Blake Nelson
USA 2009
100 min

Leaves of Grass is a comic thriller seen through the dual perspectives of identical twins Bill and Brady Kincaid. It weaves together such disparate narrative elements as Ivy League politics, backwoods drug deals, classical philosophy and the Jewish community of Tulsa, Oklahoma. When Bill Kincaid receives news of the murder of his twin brother Brady in a pot deal gone bad, he leaves his post teaching Classical Philosophy at Brown University to travel back to his childhood home in rural Oklahoma.
In addition to having this game of twins, Leaves of Grass is peppered with classical, literary and philosophical references. Scattered throughout are allusions not just to Whitman in the title, but to the works of Shakespeare, Catullus, Plautus, Sophocles, Sappho, and many others. We quote a number of philosophers including Epicurus, Aristotle and Socrates. I want people to consider these thinkers as vital, with ideas that are directly applicable to our daily lives. As Bill says in the film’s first scene, “these people were alive, they thought these things, breathed them into life.” With any luck, we have done just that. (Tim Blake Nelson)

  • Edward Norton - Bill/Brady Kincaid
  • Susan Sarandon - Daisy
  • Keri Russell - Janet
  • Richard Dreyfuss - Pug Rothbaum
  • Tim Blake Nelson - Rick Bolger
  • Steve Earle - Buddy Fuller
  • Tim Blake Nelson
  • Roberto Schaefer
  • Steve C. Aaron
  • Michelle Botticelli
  • Jeff Danna
  • Max Biscoe
  • Caroline Eselin
Millennium Films Langley Films, Class 5 Films

Nu Image

Splendid Films
35 mm
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