Retrospective 2016

Scarlet Street

Fritz Lang
USA 1945
102 min

SCARLET STREET is about a common bank cashier in the 30’s who succumbs first to vice and then murder.
Robinson plays the sap great. He’s not as innocent as I first thought. True, he’s run through the ringer. But in the end he kills a woman and lies to send a man to the electric chair. First, I thought that he was haunted by guilt after their deaths. He’s not. He’s haunted by the fact that he was made a fool of by Kitty and Johnny. Sitting in his room alone at the end he hears Kitty and Johnny’s voices taunting him. They’re telling him that now they can be together in death all thanks to him. (Steve O)

  • Edward G. Robinson - Christopher Cross
  • Joan Bennett - Kitty March
  • Dan Duryea - Johnny Prince
  • Dudley Nichols
  • Milton Krasner
  • Bernard B. Brown
  • Arthur Hilton
  • Hans J. Salter
  • Russell A. Gausman
  • Carl J. Lawrence
  • Travis Banton
Fritz Lang Productions, Diana Production Company
35 mm
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