Sacro GRA

Gianfranco Rosi
I, FRA 2013

After the India of Varanasi’s boatmen, the American desert of the dropouts, and the Mexico of the killers of drugtrade, Gianfranco Rosi has decided to tell the tale of a part of his own country, roaming and filming for over two years in a minivan on Rome’s giant ring road – the “Grande Raccordo Anulare”, or “GRA” – to discover the invisible worlds and possible futures harbored in this area of constant turmoil. “I carried Italo Calvino’s ‘Invisible Cities’ with me as I was scouting locations for the film. It is a book about travel, which I see as a relationship between a place and its inhabitants in the desires and the confusion that are generated by city life. The book led me forward during the many months working on the film when the real GRA seemed to elude me, more invisible than ever.” (Gianfranco Rosi)

In the presence of Gianfranco Rosi.

  • Gianfranco Rosi nach einer Idee von Nicolò Bassetti
  • Riccardo Spagnol
  • Gianfranco Rosi
  • Stefano Grosso
  • Giuseppe D’Amato
  • Gianfranco Rosi
  • Iacopo Quadri
Doc Lab, La Femme Endormie

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