Albertina Carri
Argentinien 2008

The farmers of Argentina's endless pampas are as rough and bristly as the arid landscape that is their home. Circumstances force them to share and help one another out. But sometimes emotions can erupt like a summer storm. When strong, silent Poldo feels that his more exuberant fellow farmer Pichón has insulted little Nati, his mute daughter, Poldo breaks off all contact with him. Poldo also forbids his wife to see Pichón, not suspecting that she and Pichón are carrying on a passionate relationship behind his back. Nati knows what is going on, and so does Pichón's son, Nati's only friend. Stripping away all the veneer of civilization and superfluous chatter, La rabia attains the focused power of a Greek tragedy that unfolds in the endless vastness of the Argentinean pampas. Albertina Carri has created a stark, troubling and highly atmospheric drama. (Stephen Lan)

  • Nazarena Duarte - Nati
  • Víctor Hugo Carrizo - Poldo
  • Gonzalo Pérez - Ladeado
  • Javier Lorenzo - Pichón
  • Analía Couceyro - Ale
  • Dalma Maradona - Mercedes
  • Albertina Carri
  • Rufino Basavilbaso
  • Sol Lopatín
  • Alejo Moguillansky
  • Ana Cambre
  • Manuel Barenboim
Matanza Cine Medrano 1314 1179 Buenos Aires, Argentinien T 11 48 61 40 06

Bavaria Film International Bavariafilmplatz 8 82031 Geiselgasteig, Deutschland T 89 64 99 26 0

35 mm
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