P'tit Quinquin (Episode 3 + 4)

Li'l Quinquin
Bruno Dumont
FRA 2014
100 min

A high priest of cine-miserablism drawn to Bressonian tales of spiritual suffering, Dumont lets loose his inner clown for P’TIT QUINQUIN, a four-part TV miniseries that frequently suggests a cross between TRUE DETECTIVE and Mack Sennett’s Keystone Kops, while remaining every inch a Dumont movie, from its windswept northern French locales to its sometimes discomfiting use of nonprofessional actors. The odd mix of elements makes for an alternately (and sometimes simultaneously) hilarious and unsettling whole, and yet another compelling example of established bigscreen auteurs finding their richest opportunities in longform television. (Scott Foundas)

MehrWERT-Filmnacht on October 25th: free Screening of P’TIT QUINQUIN (EPISODE 1 + 2) and P’TIT QUINQUIN (EPISODE 3 + 4).


  • Alane Delhaye - Quinquin
  • Lucy Caron - Eve Terrier
  • Bernard Pruvost - Van der Weyden
  • Bruno Dumont
  • Guillaume Deffontaines
  • Emmanuel Croset
  • Philippe Lecoeur
  • Bruno Dumont
  • Basile Belkhiri
3B Productions, Arte France, Cinéma, Pictanovo, Le Fresnoy

ndm International

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