Trudno byt’ bogom

Hard to be a God
Aleksei German
RUS 2013
170 min

A group of research scientists has been sent to the planet Arkanar, living under an oppressed regime in a period equivalent to earth’s Middle Ages. The local population is suffering a ban issued on anyone who knows how to read and write. The scientists must refrain from influencing political and historical events on Arkanar. They must work incognito, and they must remain neutral. Don Rumata, recognized by the locals as a sort of futuristic god, tries to save the local intelligentsia from their punishment.
HATD TO BE A GOD was shot between 2000 and 2006: the shooting took so long that some of the actors died of old age; the post-production phase took over five years. Aleksei German died in 2013, the film was completed by his wife Svetlana Karmalita, and by their son Aleksei A. German.

  • Leonid Yarmolnik - Don Rumata
  • Aleksandr Chutko - Don Reba
  • Yuriy Tsurilo - Don Pampa
  • Evgeniy Gerchakov - Budakh
  • Natalia Moteva - Ari
  • Dmitriy Vladimirov - Don Ascarol
  • Svetlana Karmalita
  • Aleksei German
  • ladimir Ilyin
  • Yuri Klimenko
  • N. Astakhov
  • Irina Gorokhovskaya
  • Maria Amosova
  • V. Lebedev
  • Sergei Kokovkin
  • Georgi Kropachev
  • E. Zhukova
  • Yekaterina Shapkaitz
  • «Trudno byt' bogom» von Arkadi und Boris Strugazki
Kinostudiya Sever, Russia 1 TV Channel

Capricci Films

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