Little Feet

Alexandre Rockwell
USA, FRA 2013
64 min

Determined to see “the river”, two young children living in Los Angeles (played by Alexandre rockwell’s children Nico and Lana) leave home to embark on a magical urban odyssey. Setting out alone, their encounters along the way provide the heart and soul of LITTLE FEET. Moments of wordless play are interspersed with the camera exploring the city as if through the eyes of his youthful protagonists. Told in stunning black and white photography, this film shows a poetic side of Los Angeles one rarely sees and stands as an homage of sorts to the very first films shot in the town that was not long ago a desert that stood at the edge of the great Pacific Ocean. “My story was simple and based on the idea that each day a child wakes up and is left to its own devices, a great adventure can unfold.” (Alexandre Rockwell)

In the presence of Alexandre Rockwell.

  • Lana Rockwell
  • Nico Rockwell
  • Rene Cuante
  • Alexandre Rockwell
  • David Lech
  • Alexandre Rockwell
  • Ben Keepers
  • Nicolas Alexeieff
  • Sigur Rós
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