Time Lapse

Bradley King
USA 2014
103 min

Three roommates discover their scientist neighbor dead, leaving behind a mysterious camera that takes pictures of the future. The world of Callie, Finn, and Jasper is shaken at this discovery. Together, they plan to exploit the machine: for money, personal success, and love. But soon other players get involved and the situation reaches a breaking point. By obsessing over the future and their seemingly innocent hopes and dreams, their relationships unravel, and the trio descend into a dark future where none of them may survive unscathed.
“King’s smart genre film is a welcome indie entry to the thought-provoking canon of time travel films. Using an engaging blend of action, humor, and philosophy, King crafts an original thriller that not only keeps the audience guessing, but also explores questions of pre-determination, free will, and destiny.” (Seattle Film Festival)

  • Danielle Panabaker - Callie
  • Matt O’Leary - Finn
  • George Finn - Jasper
  • Amin Joseph - Big Joe
  • Jason Spisak - Ivan
  • Sharon Maughan - Dr. Heidecker
  • BP Cooper
  • Bradley King
  • Jonathan Wenstrup
  • David Barber
  • Chris Hall
  • Tom Cross
  • Andrew Kaiser
  • Traci Hays
  • Mishka Trachtenberg
UNCOOP3RATIVE Pictures, Royal Pictures


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