Premières solitudes

Young Solitude
Claire Simon
FRA 2018
100 min

Claire Simon’s new documentary focuses on a small group of students from the Lycée Romain Rolland, which is located in a suburb of Paris. Coming from different backgrounds, with parents of diverse origins, these kids (mostly girls) form a sensitive, respectful, multi-racial ensemble. Simon privileges the long take in order to record conversations among two or three people, paying attention to their bodies and words, their manners and gestures, their insecurities and vacillations.In this generational portrait, Simon elicits an impressive level of confidence, intimacy and openness from the teenagers, making the spectator curious about the negotiations and agreements made between them and her. While the conversations in PREMIÈRES SOLITUDES veer toward a quite diverse range of themes (from discomfort with the body, to a discussion of LA LA LAND), the complete absence of certain typically teenage subjects is surprising – no mention of parties, drugs or sex, for instance. On the other hand, the references to parents, the home environment, the difficulty of communication, the sense of loneliness, and anxiety about the future are ever present, constituting the veritable core of the film.(Cristina Álvarez López)

In the presence of Claire Simon.

  • Tessa
  • Anais
  • Catia
  • Manon
  • Elia
  • Hugo
  • Clement
  • Claire Simon
  • Claire Simon
  • Pierre Bompy/Elias Boughedir
  • Virgile Van Ginneken
  • Nathalie Vidal
  • Léa Masson
  • Luc Forveille
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