Victor Kossakovsky
GBR, DEU, DK, USA 2018
89 min

A stunning documentary that might perform well at the box-office and should be definitely seen on a big screen with appropriate sound system. It was shot in 96 frames per second, “because the rain could be seen as separate drops of water, so it was clear that this was the right speed for water” (Victor Kossakovsky). Siberia, Greenland, the Atlantic Ocean or Venezuela are some of the locations the director picked to show the beauty and the power of water in any shape and conceivable color. There is no voice-over and no plot.
In AQUARELA human presence is mostly relegated to insignificance, but nonetheless the audience experiences a wide range of emotions from ecstasy to fear. Water is, of course, a source of life, but the movie depicts more often its force of destruction. At the beginning, while showing how a car is pulled out of the frozen waters of Lake Baikal, the camera catches another car in the distance cracking through the ice. A certain sense of danger keeps lingering throughout the film despite all the gorgeous imagery. (Ferdinand Keller)

In the presence of Victor Kossakovsky.

  • Victor Kossakovsky
  • Aimara Reques
  • Victor Kossakovsky
  • Ben Bernhard
  • Molly Malene Stensgaard
  • Victor Kossakovsky
  • Ainara Vera
  • Eicca Topinen
Aconite, Ma.Ja.De Film, Danish Documentary Production, Louverture Films, Anorak Film


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