The Green Fog

Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson, Guy Maddin
USA, Kanada 2017

A homage to the San Francisco film per excellence, Alfred Hitchcock’s VERTIGO, built by using footage from hundreds of different films set in this same city – from Hollywood classics to experimental pieces, commercial hits, and TV episodes (don’t miss the end credits festival for a powerful dive into high and low culture alike!). Rather than organizing the materials as a poetic city symphony or a conventional documentary, directors Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson extract tropes and plot points from VERTIGO in order to sketch a narrative that examines how the phantoms of Hitchcock’s film permeate everything (including Chuck Norris movies), even if in an uncanny fashion.
Watching the mad assemblage executed in THE GREEN FOG, one would think that there’s something alien and other-worldly informing the fragmentary resonances, the stuttering dialogues, the wild reworkings, embeddings, repetitions and substitutions executed in this irreverent and hilarious remake of VERTIGO. Is it by chance that San Francisco and science fiction share the same initials? What is that green fog slipping through the images? Is it a shade from VERTIGO? A trace of contamination? The smoke of weed? (Cristina Álvarez López)


  • Evan Johnson
  • Galen Johnson
  • Guy Maddin
  • Evan Johnson
  • Galen Johnson
  • Jacob Garchik
Extra Large Productions

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