Ed Harris
USA 2000
121 min

It took Ed Harris ten years to bring Jackson Pollock's story to the screen, and the result is a highly personal, rigorous, and thoughtful analysis of a truly troubled genius. Beginning with a shot of Pollock at the height of his success, giving an autograph to the woman with whom he would eventually die in a car crash, the movie backtracks nine years to find him struggling to make his mark in 1940s New York. Prone to self-doubt, impotent rage, and drunkenness, Pollock is rescued from his demons by Lee Krasner, a fellow painter who becomes his wife, confidante, and most tireless champion.

  • Ed Harris - Jackson Pollock
  • Marcia Gay Harden - Lee Krasner
  • Amy Madigan - Peggy Guggenheim
  • Jennifer Connelly - Ruth Kligman
  • Jeffrey Tambor - Clement Greenberg
  • Bud Cort - Howard Putzel
  • John Heard - Tony Smith
  • Val Kilmer - Willem De Kooning
  • Barbra Turner
  • Susan D. Emshwiller
  • Lisa Rinzler
  • Scott Breindel
  • Jamal Swinton
  • Jeff Beal
  • Mark Friedberg
  • Ed Harris (nach dem Roman
  • David Robinson
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Cutting Edge Entertainment Inc. 2980 Beverly Glen Circle, Suite 300 Bel Air, CA 90077, USA T 310 475 5900 F 310 475 5901

35 mm
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