Plaza de la Soledad

Maya Goded
Mexico 2015
85 min

Age does not daunt the women in PLAZA DE LA SOLEDAD, who inhabit Mexico City as sex workers. Maya Goded interviews a swath of middle-aged women whose life experiences prove to be as much a mosaic as Mexico itself. They view their professions as a livelihood through which they maintain ownership of their destinies by their own means, avoiding machísmo’s influence to a certain extent. They radiate femininity amid their joys and hardships, and command it in dances and seduction techniques they render for men in vulnerable or low places. They support each other, and persist through the trials they face in their caste.
Each person before the camera illuminates the tough lifestyle she lives and the thick skin she’s grown in order to survive. Goded empowers the women in the film as they speak for themselves and about themselves in their cultural microcosm. (Alexander Ortega)

  • Maya Goded
  • Lena Esquenazi / Miguel Hernandez
  • Valentina Leduc
  • Leonardo Heiblum
  • Jacobo Lieberman
  • Carmen Muñoz
  • Leticia Guzmán
  • Epifanía Ruiz Lucas
  • Ángeles Álvarez Llorente
  • Raquel López
  • Carlos Pérez Ramírez
Monstro Films, Alebrije Producciones, La Sombra del Guayabo

Monstro Films

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