Cho Chang-Ho
Südkorea 2005

Han-Soo is a promising high school swimmer living in a small seaside town where the only light in the village is an uninhabited lighthouse. After his mother is left comatose by a suicide attempt, he loses all interest in life. He gets even more depressed when he discovers the secret of his unfortunate birth and, through his mother's will, learns of his father's abandonment of him and his mother. Eventually, Han-Soo begins robbing convenience stores in order to pay his mother's hospital bills. Caught in a hopeless situation, Han-Soo goes to see his father. But this too becomes a difficult and disappointing experience.

  • Jung Gun
  • Jo Min-Ho
  • Ok Ji-Young - Ji-Young
  • On Ju-Wan
  • Kim Ho-Jung
  • Park Min-Ji
  • Cho Chang-Ho
  • Lee Youn-Jea
  • Kim Hye-Jin
  • Kim Yong-Chul
  • Kim Myung-Jong
  • Kim Hyung-Joo
LJ Film 130-17, Nonhyun-dong, Ganman-gu 135-824 Seoul, Südkorea T 2 2017 6342

CJ Entertainment 2~3 Fl, 602, Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu 135-893 Seoul, Südkorea T 2 2017 1114~5

35 mm
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