Oscar Cárdenas Navarro
Chile 2006
74 min

Rabia was shot in only two days using two Mini-DV cameras and tells the story of Camila, who has been unemployed for over a year. Now she is trying to get a job as a secretary. Through six chapters and brief interviews we will find out what this long unemployment time has meant to her. Everywhere Camila goes for a job interview, she will listen to other unemployed women's points of view and experiences. She knows that after all this time of being unemployed she will never be the same person again. Rabia is a movie that focuses on the extreme reality of thousands of unemployed women in Chile, and in this sense, it is not a film that poses any kind of social criticism. «The social criticism, if any, belongs and is developed by each spectator after being exposed to the everyday life presented in the movie. Each of them will be able to get his own conclusion about what happens to each character and, most importantly, to the process of transformation that takes place in the protagonist character after being unemployed for over a year.» (Oscar Cárdenas Navarro)

  • Carola Carrasco
  • Constanza Aguirre
  • Camila Aguirre
  • Daniela Yuri
  • Daniela Salinas
  • Adriana Domínguez
  • Oscar Cárdenas Navarro
  • Andres Gillies
  • Carlos Vasquez Mendez
  • Daniel Ferreira
Microfilm Nuñez de arce 3055 Nuñoa, Santiago, Chile T 2 446 94 44

Antonino Ballestrazzi Nuñez de arce 3055 Nuñoa, Santiago, Chile T 2 359 23 32

Video (Betacam SP)
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