Tales from the Jungle


Mario O'Hara
Philippinen 2000
100 min

While her parents dance, recite poetry and seethe with passion, nine-year old Nena is brought up by a superstitious nanny who warns her against the demons in the jungle around their mansion on the Philippine island of Necros. From that moment on, the girl is plagued by nightmares about pitch-black demons. The real demons are both the soldiers of Marcos - the first part of the film is set in 1983 - who murder and plunder their way through the jungle, and the bandits who pretend to be revolutionaries and rob people of their money. When Nena has grown up and become a militant, intellectual young woman, she falls in love with the poor fisherman José. Not the obvious social differences, but the demons in the jungle stand in the way of their love.

  • Matet De Leon
  • Alex Alano
  • Judy Teodoro
  • Eugene Domingo
  • Mario O'Hara
  • Johnny Araojo
  • Reggie Gulle
  • Blitz Padua
  • Coritha
  • Judy Lou Del Pio
  • John Portugal
Good Harvest Films

Regal Films 38 Valencia St. Quezon City, Philippinen noelbotevera@yahoo.com

35 mm
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