Monography Angela Schanelec


Angela Schanelec
D, F 2010
84 min

“Airport” was once a successful novel (by Arthur Hailey) and later a star-studded movie, depicting a major hub as a site of intertwining fates and stories. ORLY is something like an auteurist version of this classical topos: the boarding zone of the airport on the southern periphery of Paris becomes a site for encounters and conversations, seemingly picked up almost at random and necessarily in fragments.
A married woman flying to Montreal loses her coat and becomes interested in a man departing for San Francisco; a son and his mother on their way to a funeral drift into a confessional conversation; a young blond-haired man mostly just sits quietly, until he also becomes part of the fabric of the story.
Schanelec shot on location, with the dialogue mostly in French. To a certain degree, ORLY is an extension of PLÄTZE IN STÄDTEN, while focusing on a setting that French anthropologist Marc Augé famously termed as a quintessential non-place. In an airport like Orly, nothing is specific, yet almost everything is generic and functional – save for the people crowding such sites. ORLY testifies to this tension, which is essential for modernity. (Bert Rebhandl)

In presence of Angela Schanelec.

  • Natacha Régnier - Juliette
  • Mireille Perrier - Helen
  • Bruno Todeschini - Vincent
  • Emile Berling - Ben
  • Jirka Zett - Jirzy
  • Lina Falkner - Sara
  • Maren Eggert - Sabine
  • Josse De Pauw - Theo
  • Angela Schanelec
  • Reinhold Vorschneider
  • Andreas Mücke-Niesytka
  • Johanna Herr
  • Mathilde Bonnefoy
  • Cat Power
Ringel Filmproduktion, Nachmittagfilm, La Vie Est Belle, ZDF/3sat
Films Boutique
35 mm
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