Cinematography: Brazil Burning

Número zero

Number Zero
Cláudia Nunes
Brasilien 2010
22 min

Cláudia Nunes’ NÚMERO ZERO is one of the most powerful and enigmatic films in 21st century Brazilian cinema. The United Nations estimates the population of street children worldwide at 150 million. Increasingly, these children are the defenseless victims of human rights violations. In Brazil, a group of boys and girls from the street felt so enchanted by a camera they used at a video workshop that they made it their own to express themselves and fight their silence. Filmed 20 years before its premiere, the movie is an attempt to rediscover them and find out what happened in their lives. (Gustavo Beck)

In the presence of Cláudia Nunes.

  • Wilson
  • Juninho
  • Luciano
  • Marcio
  • Street boys and girls CFM (Minor’s Centre) Goiás
  • Street boys and girls CFM (Minor’s Centre) Goiás
  • Erico Rassi
  • Claudia Nunes
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