Cinematography: Brazil Burning

Sol alegria

Tavinho Teixeira, Mariah Teixeira
Brazil 2018
90 min

“Sol Alegria” is the name of a heterogeneous community, most of whose members are nuns, or women (and sometimes men) dressed as nuns, where cannabis is grown, and sex is about nothing else but celebrating life and subsisting at a certain distance from a military and theocratic regime which demands alignment and submission. The story begins when a typical bourgeois family fleeing the military checkpoints pays a visit to the community. In a playful way, the film reminds us of a unique Brazilian film genre called “pornochan-chada”, whose emergence partially overlapped with the last military dictatorship there, thus evoking an past era. And that era has an echo in the present, where a philosophy of surveillance and hygiene is being repeated under other symbolic coordinates. Texeira is both in front of the camera and behind it – he is a vital, magnificent actor in every scene; behind the camera, he is aesthetically open to evoking both classical cinema and avant-garde experinmentation. (Roger Koza)

  • Mariah Teixeira - Tochter
  • Tavinho Teixeira - Vater
  • Mauro Soares - Sohn
  • Joana Medeiros - Mutter
  • Anita Medeiros - Penélope
  • Everaldo Pontes - Oberin
  • Tavinho Teixeira
  • Ivo Lopes Araújo
  • Guga Rocha
  • Frederico Benevides
  • Thales Junqueira
  • Gabriela Campos
Vã Ventura, Pignata Filmes, Roda Produções

Max Eluard

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