Jovens infelizes ou um homem que grita não é um urso que dança


Jovens infelizes ou um homem que grita não é um urso que dança

Young and Miserable or A Man Screaming Is Not a Dancing Bear

Thiago B. Mendonça
Brasilien, 2015
127min, OmeU

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Jovens infelizes ou um homem que grita não é um urso que dança

Thiago B. Mendonça
Brasilien, 2015
, 127min, OmeU

Alex Rocha
Camila Urbano
Cel Oliveira
Clarissa Moser
Ieltxu Ortueta Martins
Rafaela Penteado
Thiago B. Mendonça
João Victor Coura
André Moncaio
Thiago B. Mendonça
Kiko Dinucci

Memória Viva
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Memória Viva
Color and Black/White

The film of a generation, of an epoch. A prophetic film, because shortly before Dilma Roussef was ousted and replaced by Michel Temer, it already sensed the endless unease in Brazil which would ultimately usher in Jair Bolsonaro’s catastrophic rise to presidential office. The protagonist is not an individual, but a theater troupe that stands against everything under the banner of one single certainty: “To start over again, destruction is necessary.” The young and not so young members of this community of artists intervene now and then in the public order through deranged installations, performing plays at an alternative theater, and participating non-stop at the protests in the streets of São Paulo. The uncertainty that guides them is as blatantly clear as their outrage, and this explains their exalted libidos, the force of desire that finds an unequivocal direction in group sexuality. There is no political program without historical knowledge and a known enemy. In the midst of this confusion, deliberately taken on by the filmic staging, the movie sketches out dissatisfaction, vitality, and resistance while also stating its own aesthetic and political afliation, as it can be confirmed in Andrea Tonacci’s brief appearance and the plethora of symbols seen in the beautiful closing scene. (Roger Koza)

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