Cinematography: Brazil Burning

Nova Dubai

Gustavo Vinagre
Brazil 2014
53 min

Before directing a number of feature-length portraits, such as A ROSA AZUL DE NOVÁLIS and LEMBRO MAIS DOS CORVOS, Brazilian filmmaker Gustavo Vinagre directed the transgressive midlength film NOVA DUBAI, which is still little known outside of its home country and more than deserving of international recognition.
In a neighborhood of a Brazilian city, real estate speculation has become a threat to the affective memory of a group of friends. They want to feel secure and yet free. The only answer to the imminent transformations is sex. The group of friends – including the filmmaker himself – fuck in playgrounds, empty apartments, on building sites, in quarries, and in all kind of places that will disappear or be transformed, but always belong to those who live there. But love, what about love?
The film is a political, poetic gesture of freedom that shows a group of people fighting for their right to demarcate their place in the world we inhabit. (Gustavo Beck)

  • Gustavo Vinagre
  • Bruno D’Ugo
  • Hugo Guimarães
  • Gustavo Vinagre
  • Matheus Rocha
  • Jonathan Macíaz
  • Rodrigo Carneiro
  • Inou Ki Endi
  • Fernando Zuccolotto
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Max Eluard

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