No. 1 Chung Ying Street

Derek Chiu
Hongkong 2018
117 min

Veteran Hong Kong director Derek Chiu, known mostly for his genre films like PINK BOMB (1992) and FINAL JUSTICE (1997), surprises viewers with his new film which carries a strong political message. Based on the memories of a man who had approached him with his life story, the first part of his black-and-white film recounts the seldom-told story of the 1967 riots against the British colonial government which ended in tears and mayhem. 51 people were killed and many more injured and/or arrested. Chiu focuses on a group of people from Sha Tai Kok village, part of rural Hong Kong and bordering the People’s Republic which had ostensibly supported the protests. The title points to one particular street in this village. The second part which is set in present-day Sha Tai Kok deals with a different fight: a huge area of farmland is swallowed up by greedy speculators to build a pompous shopping mall to attract rich Mainlanders. The parallels between then and now are striking and underlined by the fact that Chiu uses the same young actors in both episodes. Times may change but political commitment never goes out of style. (Andreas Ungerböck)

In the presence of Derek Chiu.

  • Fish Liew - Lai Wah/Sze Wai
  • Yau Hawk Sau - Chun Man/Jat Hon
  • Lo Chun Yip - Chi Ho/Yat Long
  • Stella Tse
  • Derek Chiu
  • Lai Yat Nam
  • Chan Wai Hung
  • Richard Li Chi Fung
  • Angie Lam
  • Josie Tang
  • The Interzone Collective
  • Hubert So
  • Edmund Leung; Chan Sau Pok
  • Fok Tat Wa
Boundary Film Production

Day Day Creative Limited

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