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Man Vanishes
Imamura Shôhei
Japan 1967
130 min

A blurring of the distinction between fiction and<i> </i>reality forms the basis for a most memorable image of irrationality in <i>Ningen jôhatsu</i>.<i> </i>This film involves a real-life search for a missing man, Ôshima Tadashi, who had disappeared a year and a half earlier according to police records, leaving no trace. Tsuyuguchi Shigeru, a professional actor, and Yoshie, the missing mans
fiancée, begin a search for Ôshima, followed every step of the way by Imamuras camera. (Imamura often uses hidden cameras and wireless microphones to assist in his effort to capture the
reality of this event.)

  • Tsuyuguchi Shigeru - Akechi Mitsuhide
  • Hayakawa Yoshie
  • Hayakawa Sayo
  • Imamura Shôhei
Imamura Production, Nihon Eiga Shinsha, Art Theatre Guild of Japan
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