Zeki Demirkubuz


Zeki Demirkubuz
Türkei 1999
92 min

The Third Page recounts the misfortunes of Isa, a young man who lives in a rundown apartment building. He is accused of having stolen 50 dollars from a gangster who threatens to get him. Isa is about to kill himself when his landlord knocks on his door to demand four months unpaid rent. Isa loses his mind, shoots the man, and is taken away to the police station. He admits to nothing and is allowed to go home. When the gangsters hoodlums return to collect the stolen money from him, he is mysteriously saved by Meryem, his neighbor. His encounter with this woman proves to be fatal.

  • Ruhi Sari - Isa
  • Basak Köklükaya - Meryem
  • Cengiz Sezici - Ev Sahibi
  • Zeki Demirkubuz
  • Ali Utku
  • Cafer Cebetas
  • Zafir Saka
  • Nevzat Diçsiaçik
  • Cebnem Ocak
  • Tülin Getinkol
  • Cebnem Ocak
  • Tülin Getinkol
Mavi Filmcilik Ltd.

Festival of European Films

35 mm
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