Zeki Demirkubuz


Zeki Demirkubuz
Türkei, 2001

Musa works as a bookkeeper in the customs office. He believes in the emptiness and absurdity of life. He doesnt struggle to change his life; he lets himself flow along with events because he thinks that it all leads to the same end. Even when his mother dies, it doesnt affect him. In order to avoid making any decisions he marries a girl whom he doesnt like, because she wants it. Whereas in his world, people deal with their fate by their own will and power. Musa is arrested for the death of a mother and her two kids. However, he doesnt react to this event either.

  • Ismail Karadas
  • Erkan Aktas
  • Gustav Mahler
  • Ali Utku
  • Feridun Koç
  • Serdar Orçin - Musa Demircan
  • Zeynep Tokus - Sinem
  • Demir Karahan - Naim
  • Engin Günaydn - Necati
  • Necmi Aykar
  • Sehsuvar Aktas
  • Apo Demirkubuz
  • Zeki Demirkubuz nach dem Roman «Der Fremde» von Albert Camus
  • Bahar Evgin
  • Zeki Demirkubuz
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35 mm