Duncan Jones
GBR 2008
97 min

It is the near future. Astronaut Sam Bell is living on the far side of the moon, completing a three-year contract with Lunar Industries to mine Earth's primary source of energy, Helium 3. It is a lonely job, made harder by a broken satellite that allows no live communications home. Taped messages are all Sam can send and receive. Thankfully, his time on the moon is nearly over, and Sam will be reunited with his wife, Tess, and their three-year-old daughter, Eve, in only a few short weeks. Finally, he will leave the isolation of \"Sarang\", the moon base that has been his home for so long, and he will finally have someone to talk to beyond \"Gerty\", the base's well-intentioned computer. But suddenly, Sam's health starts to deteriorate.

  • Sam Rockwell - Sam Bell
  • Matt Berry - Overmeyers
  • Robin Chalk - Sam
  • Dominique McElligott - Tess Bell
  • Kevin Spacey - Computerstimme
  • Duncan Jones
  • Nathan Parker
  • Gary Shaw
  • Ricky Butt
  • Claire Mahoney
  • Jason Swanscott
  • Nicolas Gaster
  • Clint Mansell
  • Tony Noble
  • Jane Petrie
Liberty Films Lunar Industries, Xingu Films

Independent Film Company 32 Tavistock Street London WC2E 7PB, Großbritannien T +44 20 72 57 87 34

Polyfilm Verleih Margaretenstraße 78 1050 Wien T 1 581 39 00 20
35 mm
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