Abel Ferrara
USA 1992
98 min

Bad Lieutenant, the dark, acid urban drama starring Harvey Keitel, isn't just another story about a cop gone wrong. Those are a dime a dozen. This punishing film from director Abel Ferrara is something else altogether - an illuminating, excoriating descent into the cesspool of sin, self-loathing and defilement. The Keitel character is given no name except The Lieutenant, and that's entirely appropriate. He doesn't deserve a name. The Lieutenant is pure appetite, pure libido, with only vestigial traces of his humanity intact. To say that substance abuse plays a part in this journey into debauchery is a grotesque understatement. Like a modern-day Caligula, his excesses are epic: Sex, booze, crack, coke, heroin are indulged in such gargantuan proportions that it's a miracle he remains upright. (Hal Hinson)

  • Harvey Keitel - Lieutenant
  • Victor Argo - Polizist
  • Paul Calderone - Polizist
  • Leonard Thomas - Polizist
  • Frankie Thorn - Nonne
  • Victor Argo
  • Paul Calderone
  • Zoë Lund
  • Abel Ferrara
  • Ken Kelsch
  • Bess Steele
  • Anthony Redman
  • Joe Delia
  • Charles Lagola
  • David Sawaryn
Bad Lt. Production

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35 mm
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