Byun Young-Joo
Südkorea 2002
112 min

One Christmas Eve, thirty-year-old housewife Mi-Heun has her world shattered by the discovery that her quiet country doctor husband is a womanizer fixated on having sex with women when he goes fishing at the nearby lake. Swept away to the peaceful town of Butterfly Ville, Mi-Heun and her family go on as if nothing had happened, but the aftermath of that night still haunts Mi-Heun with headaches as she vexatiously tries to cure her heartache alone. Then one day she meets In-Kyu and is propositioned with a dangerous game of sex that would never allow for love. At first, she refuses with all her might, but soon she falls into it body and soul.

  • Kim Yun-Jin - Mi-Heun
  • Lee Jong-Won - In-Kyu
  • Gye Sung-Yong - Hyo-Kyung
  • Kim Jae-Yeon nach einer Vorlage von Yeon Kyung-Lin
  • Kwon Hyuk-Joon
  • Bluecap
  • Park Gok-ji
  • Cho Young-Wook
  • Lee Geun-Ah
  • Haam Hyun-Joo
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35 mm
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