Hal Hartley
USA 2011
60 min

MEANWHILE concerns Joe Fulton, a man who can do anything from fixing your sink to arranging international financing for a construction project. He produces online advertising and he’s written a big fat novel. He’s also a pretty good drummer. But success eludes him. For Joe can’t keep himself from fixing other people’s problems. His own ambitions are constantly interrupted by his willingness and ability to go out of his way for others. “This film is a riveting return to the intimate philosophical storytelling that characterizes Hal Hartley’s cinema in the era of the 80’s and 90’s. It doesn’t drag its coattails in the romantic glory of those films, however, being fully attuned to the harsh realities of 21st century survival.” (Graham Fuller) 

In the presence of Hal Hartley.


  • DJ Mendel - Joe Fulton
  • Danielle Meyer - Wendy
  • Stephen Ellis - Schriftsteller
  • Pallavi Sastry - Verkäuferin
  • Chelsea Crowe - Frau auf Brücke
  • Miho Nikaido - Miho
  • Penelope Lagos - Tuesday
  • Anais Borck - Nathalie
  • Hal Hartley
  • Dan Sharnoff
  • Steve Hamilton
  • Kyle Gilman
  • Hal Hartley
  • Richard Sylvarnes
  • Richard Sylvarnes
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