Martin Eden

Pietro Marcello
I, F, D 2019
129 min

Pietro Marcello uses the archive to at once contextualize and decontextualize a story stemming from Jack London's 1909 novel, transposed to Naples. In love with a bourgeois lady, a young proletarian man is driven by his voracity for knowledge and decides to become a writer. Naples as Oakland, as every port is a place to land in or flee from, with the chance of fortune uncertain, at a time of troubling struggles and social discord.
​With this film, Marcello traverses both the entire twentieth century and our most recent history. There is the depression of the first decades; the socialists, the anarchists, the post-war suburbs, the working-class neighborhoods that are still present today. Martin Eden is a antihero who will duly be swallowed up by the disillusionment of the time. He is passionate and wild, sophisticated and popular, like Marcello, like the film itself, with a camera capable of poetic roughness, that lets its characters unleash their feelings and grabs the right angle on every occasion. The film has no message other than a roar, an angry invocation of individualism in the face of the impossibility of social resolution. This unique and urgent voice shows a continuity with Marcello's previous works and shines forth in one of the most remarkable and essential films of the year. (Eva Sangiorgi)

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  • Marco Leonardi
  • Carlo Cecchi - Antonio
  • Luca Marinelli
  • Jessica Cressy
  • Vincenzo Nemolato
  • Denise Sardisco
  • Carmen Pommella
  • Maurizio Braucci
  • Pietro Marcello
  • Alessandro Abate
  • Francesco Di Giacomo
  • Stefano Grosso
  • Aline Hervé
  • Fabrizio Federico
  • Marco Messina
  • Sacha Ricci
  • Paolo Marzocchi
  • Luca Servino
  • Roberto De Angelis
Avventurosa, RaiCinema, IBC, Shellac Sud, Match Factory Productions

Match Factory Productions

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