Homage to Hans Hurch

Man on a Tightrope

Elia Kazan
USA, BRD 1953
105 min

I was scouting in Slovakia when I got the incredibly sad news about Hans. I hadn’t thought of MAN ON A TIGHTROPE for many years but likely because I was driving across Central Europe, seeing in the landscape the lingering effects of communism, it came to mind for this tribute. I wasn’t thinking about Kazan because that thinking always gets complicated. I was just thinking about the cinematically stunning black and white images and about Gloria Graham and about Burt Lancaster (who is actually in TRAPEZE which I must have been mixing together even though that film is shot in color.) So much blurring together of movies, talks about movies, arguments about movies at dinners in strange cities with good friends you know only for a few nights with names you’ll later forget – these are the gifts of film festival travel. It seems to me a festival director sets the vibe for its festival. The Viennale has been a big warm, supportive embrace to me for my entire filmmaking life. I know I’m not alone in that. Here is a typical email from dear sweet Hans….
“Dear Kelly! Sorry, sorry, sorry for being so pushy. Of course I understand everything you explained in your last email. Please forgive, and no hard feelings. We will always love you. Warmest, Hans” (Kelly Reichardt)

With V’99-TRAILER: GET READY by Peter Tscherkassky

  • Fredric March - Karel Cernik
  • Terry Moore - Tereza Cernik
  • Gloria Grahame - Zama Cernik
  • Cameron Mitchell - Joe
  • Adolphe Menjou - Fesker
  • R. E. Sherwood based on «International Incident» by Neil Paterson
  • Georg Krause
  • Roger Heman Sr.
  • Carl Becker
  • Martin Müller
  • Dorothy Spencer
  • Franz Waxman
  • Ursula Maes
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Bavaria Film
Park Circus
35 mm
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