Maman Colonelle

Mama Colonel
Dieudo Hamadi
FRA, DR, Republic of Congo 2017
72 min

“This isn’t a documentary about the six-day War in congo. It’s not a question of making an exhaustive, historical, educational film about what happened between Rwandans and Ugandans on the streets of Kisangani in 2000. It’s a film about a courageous woman – known as Maman Colonelle – who, by discovering the extreme suffering of a group of women, raped and broken by this war, decides to try to help these women to rebuild themselves and their lives. The six-day War is there-fore treated exclusively from the point of view of Maman Colonelle. Viewers discover this reality with her; they seek to understand what happened along with her; and through her eyes, they will be surprised by the gravity of the situation and by the indifference of people towards the victims.” (Dieudo Hamadi)

  • Dieudo Hamadi
  • Dieudo Hamadi
  • François Tariq Sardi
  • Anne Renardet
  • Honorine Munyole
Cinédoc Films, Mutotu Productions

Andana Films

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