Peter Sollett
USA 2002
88 min

Victor is a 16-year-old of Dominican ancestry who lives in New York City with his grandmother, his younger brother, Nino, and little sister, Vicki. Victor has been known to brag to his friends about his sexy girlfriend, who none of them have met; when his cover is blown and his pals discover Victors steady date is Donna, a chunky girl living in his building, Victor is humiliated and decides he needs to start dating someone new. While hanging out with his best friend Harold, Victor sets his sights on Judy, a pretty girl he meets at a public swimming pool. Victor tries to turn on his charm, but Judy seems distant and uninterested. Just as it seems as if Victor is courting disaster once again, Judy begins to slowly but surely open up to him, as they both learn some difficult lessons about what a relationship is all about. (Mark Deming)

  • Victor Rasuk - Victor
  • Judy Marte - Judy
  • Melonie Diaz - Melonie
  • Altagracia Guzman - Großmutter
  • Silvestre Rasuk - Nino
  • Krystal Rodriguez - Vicki
  • Kevin Rivera - Harold
  • Peter Sollett nach einer Story von Peter Sollett und Eva Vives
  • Tim Orr
  • Steve Borne
  • Myron Kerstein
  • Brad Jones
  • Roy Nathanson
  • Bill Ware
  • Judy Becker
  • Jill Newell
Le Studio Canal+ Espace Lumière, 5/13 Blvd. de la République 92514 Boulogne-Billancourt, Frankreich T 1 71 75 88 35 F 1 71 75 89 86

Wild Bunch 99 rue de la Verrerie 75004 Paris, Frankreich T 1 53 01 50 20

35 mm
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