Claudia Tomaz
P 2003
99 min

Francisco is now a free man. He has just got out of prison where he has served six years. After living a few days in the subway tunnels he finally rents a cheap room in a pension. Now he is scared of being alone and tries to escape from his daily routine by placing an ad: «Man seeks woman for conversation» through which he meets Angela, a shy and serious woman who for a long time has felt suffocated in her marriage. They get together to chat and walk around the city but the appeal of the underworld night life, the alcohol and the bars end up alluring and betraying them in their search for love. «Nós is perhaps the most classical of my films with characters and a made-up story, actors, stes that have been created, and a stronger dramatic thrust».
(Cláudia Tomaz)

  • João Pereira - Francisco
  • Alexandra Freudenthal - Angela
  • Susana Vidal Cañete - Maria
  • Paula Moreira - Prostituierte
  • Patrícia Andrade - Beatriz
  • Claudia Tomaz
  • João Pereira
  • Lisa Hagstrand
  • Nuno Ferreira
  • Emídio Buchinho
  • Claudia Tomaz
  • Vivaldi
  • Lydia Lunch
  • Maria João
  • Mário Laginha
  • Sérgio Costa
  • Rosa Almeida Lima
Paulo Branco/Madragoa Filmes Rua da Palmeira 6 1200-313 Lissabon, Portugal T 1 21 325 58 00

Gemini Films 34 Boulevard Sébastopol 75004 Paris, Frankreich T 1 44 54 17 17

35 mm
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