Kim In-Sik
Südkorea 2002
114 min

This debut film features a very unusual character for South Korean film, a gay man. Dae-Sik is the only main character to really know his own mind, and has decided to turn his back on «normal» society to live on the streets. At the films start, the physically imposing and black-clad Dae-Sik takes the bankrupt and alcoholic stockbroker Suk-Won, in a once-white suit, under his wing. They leave town for a trek through the countryside, their relationship intensifying all the while. Suk-Won does not react well when he finally understands Dae-Siks interest in him, and the situation spirals badly out of control. (Lisa Roosen-Runge)

  • Hwang Jung-Min - Dae-Sik
  • Jung Chan - Suk-Won
  • Su Rin - Il-Joo
  • Kim In-Sik
  • Kim Jae-Ho
  • Jung Gwang-Ho
  • Lee Jae-Woong
  • Lee Han-Na
  • Choi Gi-Ho
  • Kim Hyang-Hee
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35 mm
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